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Grand Theft Auto V is an open world game made by Rockstar. It is set in Los Santos, A city based on Los Angeles. You control either Michael, Franklin or Trevor through the game and sometimes even controlling each avatar in one mission. This allows the player to have omnipresence over the 3 characters as they can see every- thing that is happening and can instruct that character to do something. GTA V Begins with two short tutorial missions where you learn how to shoot and how to drive. The tutorial missions are also the start of the main story. The only parts of the game that are FMV’s are the cutscenes. Some Cutscenes take up a lot of the missions, however the parts of the game where you take control make you forget that you weren't playing for the past few minutes. Cutscenes are just one way that GTA V tells the story. The game also uses dialogue and environmental storytelling

When playing the game you have a choice of either first person or third person which allows you to play in whatever perspective you prefer. The interface for GTA V is the same as the other Grand Theft Auto games. The main 3 characters are Michael - a retired criminal, Trevor - Michael's criminal partner and Franklin - A car repossessor. They join together with the help of people such as Lester, a computer hacker to commit more crimes.

Throughout your journey of Los Santos you will encounter NPCs who either interact with you or walk straight past you. A good thing about the civilians is that if you follow them throughout the whole day they will do normal things such as going home, going from one place to another and so on. You will also encounter NPCs that ask you to help them which then rewards you.

Grand Theft Auto has only three different terrains. A flat city, a desert and mountains seperating these. The architecture in the city is modern buildings that are similar to the real buildings in LA to an exact point with the only things being changed are the names of a company or the name of the building.The desert is mainly a poorer area where the majority of the architecture being trailers. Most of the objects in GTA V are non-interactive objects, however you do find many interactive objects such as lamp posts that fall when you drive

There are not many rules in GTA V allowing you to play however you like. Therefore you can play the game multiple times and do it different every time. You only have 1 life, however - if you do die you will respawn at the last checkpoint

Most of the missions in GTA V do not have a time limit, however for the missions that do, if the time runs out you will fail that mission. You can also fail a mission from losing all your health. You can lose health by getting hit, shot or if you fall from high up. Once you get hit, you lose a portion of your health and once you have lost it all, you will die which then fails the mission.

Grand Theft Auto Online was released shortly after the release of Grand Theft Auto V. It allows you to create your own character, explore the city,complete jobs such as heists and buy luxurious cars, weapons and apartments. GTA: Online is the most fun part of the game as it is endless due to the updates that constantly get released. The online game also features an in game chat where you can speak to the other players in the lobby to team up and achieve your goal together.

There are good parts and bad parts about the narrative of 3 main characters in the main story. The good part is that it allows you to play a mission anyway you want multiple times. The 3 stories that entwine together also allow for a great main story. The only problem with it is that it sometimes becomes too complicated for the player.

The end game goal of GTA V is to make money and purchase every business in the game after you complete the final heist. To get towards the final heist you need to complete multiple challenges before that to get ready for the final heist. Some challenges consist of finding a car for the job. However, the end game goal of GTA Online doesn't exist. Each new update brings in new items that the player can buy. The only end game goal will be when the game stops getting new updates in the future. You also receive rewards for completing each part of the game. For example, after buying a new business - you can earn Money from that business.

Another example is after buying an apartment in the online game, you can then begin heists to earn money.

The HUD of GTA V consists mainly of: Your money, ammo, stars and the map with the health, armour and stamina under the map. It is located in the top right and the bottom left. Since they are only small, they do not interrupt the gameplay.

There are no difficulty settings in the main game, however you can change the difficulty in online missions. The harder the difficulty, the more money you earn. The set difficulty is good however. The game isn't too hard but it isn't too easy. This means you do need to repeat some missions to complete them but you aren't repeating every mission 5 times. The police of GTA V are much harder to evade than previous games however it is possible.

When the game was first released, the only perspective was 3rd person. However, with the release of the next gen game - they also released 1st person allowing you to play through the whole game in 1st person rather than 3rd.

On the PS4, the lights on the controller flash between blue and red when the police are chasing you and the in-controller speaker is used for things such as phone calls. The stars in the HUD let you know if there police are after you and the more stars you have, the more police that are after you. Once they start flashing, it means that you are losing them.

There are no scoring mechanics in Grand Theft Auto, however all of the rewards are money based. There is also no inventory in the single player. In the online game, there is a type of inventory

After completing each mission, you can receive awards ranging from a new gun to money. As well as these, you also receive a trophy / achievement for the platform that you are playing it on with extra achievements for doing other things such as robbing every store in the online game.

Players are motivated to complete the game as once you complete the final mission, you receive in-game money and the achievement for completing the game. Because of the motivation to get the best looking cars and the most money, the online part of GTA V is addicting, however the single player part of the game is only addicting until you complete the main story.

The tutorial mission in GTA V does not teach you everything that the game allows you to do. This therefore allows the player to learn how to do it to complete the game easier.

Once buying things such as food that replenishes health and body armor it is put in your interaction menu allowing you to toggle them.

Director mode is a mode in GTA that allows the player to create small movies within Los Santos that includes various different characters that you meet along the story. Director mode is also available online allowing you to create these short movies with your friends. Although the director mode is a little challenging to use your first time around, once you begin using it – it becomes much more easier.

Overall, GTA V is a fantastic game that was improved with the addition of GTA Online. Although some updates took longer than expected to arrive, once they did arrive they improved the game significantly drawing in new players that both enjoyed and didn't enjoy the previous games.

Overall I rate this 4.5/5 stars and would recommend this to anyone. (Over the age 18, of course).