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"I drove my car slowly down vinewood Rockford hills. I had more time to think a lot about what has and what has not. Underage drinking, crime, I've done things that would not be a normal human mouth. Them sometimes for money, sometimes for pleasure but mostly I had exercised...is to make money. Drugs, I'm done with drugs, I took a bullet, and fell in love, got married, had kids, died, was resurrected and a life filled with heartaches and regrets I left behind me I wasn't never happy. The Bang of the gun that collapsed in the moment of happiness and peace with the 5 second silence I found you, my name is Michael de Santa and I've never loved anyone in my life."

Behind the name of Grand Theft Auto V. This is very large and has a deeply rooted history that can be written in a milestone on theses pages. But how can I write about? What can I tell you about GTA V? No, there's much to tell with GTA V, Los Santos, where I live you that I have already so many stories I can write and draw, I'm starting to forget some of them.

In GTA V, only three characters to not separate from each other, the story of a city. All around Los Santos, when you are aware more are not aware of the tree falling accounts for only five percent of that time. Some things, while improving your control, you never know some of them donĂ­t. The reason is very simple, there are the game's three main characters, these three characters ' own behaviors, routines, life, friends, social circles, hobbies and talents. This is the Holy Trinity system, like a spider's Web, at different points of the game's story and the reunion is scattered at different points.

But the common denominator that brings these three what is the fucking man? Franklin, Trevor and Michael, why is the axis of this game?

In fact, for those with a history between the characters with each other, Trevor and Michael. You can see the beginning of the game, but I'll tell you the story here in terms of me not the infamous one "dates".

This up front I'll tell you the story of the game here because I will try to tell you what it is all about or what you might learn things that will change the things you can learn to play, and with whom spent much time, depending on the shore around the corner from the characters, their past, or their opinion about things, you can learn little about each one of these ideas makes it easier to obtain. For example, Michael after what happened 9 years ago, Why does he decide to return to a life of crime? Franklin why are you so greedy? Trevor why are you so troubled? All of this puts you in the game, you just need to know where to look.

"Lamar, one of the funniest characters in the game, the Bane of Franklin's work"

I yelled the whole bass, in GTA V, stories and their expression in terms of a deep game it's terrible. That works a system that uses a so complex and previously Rockstar, so we ain't yet seen a system that works, their separate lives come together for a single purpose within the framework of three separate characters, in GTA V enable you to experience, I'm not talking about playing, if you pay attention, I'm talking about living, from each frame of Los Santos, is bursting with life, after a point, you really created by yourself because you start to lose it in front of you so that there is a world admired, to be credible, every detail designed with a large side down, each character is very carefully written, geography is adorned with a terrible realism.