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I am a long time League of Legends player and I love the game. It's fun if you solo queue or if you queue with friends. As much as I love the game, many people would say otherwise because of problems that exist with the game.

Major problems the game has includes: unbalanced mechanics, steep learning curves, and other people. The game is not very forgiving to newer players and the community is very harsh against beginners. I would suggest looking up videos of gameplay to see how the game works before or while picking up the game.

In my opinion, the community is the worst part of the game. I have played this game for a good 4 years and have always stayed loyal to it, but it can be a VERY tilting game. Many people in the community tend to flame over every little thing and other teammate's actions can affect your games. What is most frustrating is when people flame you but you are still picking up the game. From experience, I feel as if the game is best played and learned with mistakes. Many of my friends have played the game and asked me to teach them, but I usually don't do much besides tell them to play. You need to be persistent if you want to get better at the game, but the toxic community falls short to realize this problem. This learning curve is not a problem of the game developer, as I believe they have done an amazing job to deliver a top tier MOBA game.

I think League of Legends is an amazing game. Aside from the steep learning curve and toxic community, I have come to enjoy the game for 4 years. Even after 4 years I am not exactly really good(I am high tier silver), but League of Legends has always been fun for me. I disregard unnecessary toxicity and enjoy the game for what it has to offer. The game has a vast variety of characters to choose from and there is bound to be one to at least fit every playstyle out there, and this is one of the main things that I think makes League superior to other MOBAs.

League of Legends offers a vast majority of characters to play, each with interesting and unique mechanics. No other DOTA styled, MOBA game offers the variety that League has to offer. The game's mechanics and metas are not very punishing and can be quickly picked up by beginners. That being said, the game will always be difficult no matter the skill of the player. There is always new things to learn, new ways to play, and new characters to master. And I think that is what makes League of Legends a masterpiece. It is not the fault of the game developers for the game's learning curve and toxic community, but I would blame them for making League of Legends a true masterpiece that all PC gamers should at least take a peek at.