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Graphics are what you would except from an AAA game from 2015. Optimisation is one the best. My laptop with GT840m could play this game on mixed settings mainly on high, at 1366x768 resolution.

Not going to spoil the story much, but game deals with some dark themes such as racism and kid soldiers. It is good if you can see through the cut content and filler parts.

This game's gameplay is better than every other stealth game there is. You got open world, vehicle driving, horse riding etc. You can do anything you want to do, you can rocket punch someone, stun them with popping decoys however after playing for a while, you realize how empty the world is. Sure, there are animals and enemies wandering around, also some outposts there and there, but, there are no civilians, no random events. You can see a Russian soldier teaching English to his comrades but that's limited to only 1 mission. MGS used to be about little details, just look at trailers for MGS2, you'll see what I mean. Same goes for MGS 3. However, it isn't the same here. Maybe it is because Kojima did not have the budget he wanted for MGS V so he instead focused on making a game that captivates you on the first look, not by its details. Talking about budget problems, Chapter 3 is cut. It leaves a plothole. There is no way to know what happened without finding and watching Chapter 3 on YT. Also, Chapter 2 is mainly old missions made harder, like sending you to a mission without any equipment. Only some of the last missions are unique and those mark the end of the game. After that, have fun doing the same side quests over and over again except for a handful of them.

Soundtrack is awesome and it blows you away. Very nice musics from 1980's, such as Take On Me and You Spin Me Round, and The Man Who Sold The World by Midge Ure as the "main" song of the game is really good. It helps the game to have one of the best opening scenes ever. I want to talk about the tapes in this game too. Some are songs, some effect gameplay such as a lullaby which puts all enemies to sleep if played through speakers. But there are tapes that have dialogs in them which are crucial to the story. I like how they delivered them. You can listen to those while doing a mission, waiting for an enemy to pass or just roaming around.

With those said, I give MGS V 4 stars out of 5, I'd like to write more but I'm bored.