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The first thing to note is that Metal Gear Survive is clearly a spin-off. It does not intend to impose itself as a sequel to the series, but as a kind of big complement wading smoothly in the gameplay and management elements of MGS V. We control a former mercenary of the Mother Base of Big Boss , caught up in a parallel world called Dité. I'm not really going to get into the hilarious details behind the script, firstly, because it's just a pretext, and secondly, because there are still things to discover that one do not want to ruin you unnecessarily. All you need to know is that this parallel world, you have already clearly set foot since it takes areas of MGS V.

Moving forward in the scenario, we discover new elements to evolve our base, in which we find all the established ones used for crafting. With all the elements found during our wanderings, we learn to make new tools and more powerful weapons, with a great sense of detail. Just like MGS V, you really have a monstrous arsenal which forces you to make choices according to the methods you want to use. But the management of the base goes through many elements, such as cultures to eat, health centers or defenses. Why have so much to manage, will you ask me? Because you are not alone. In fact, playing solo, you will find regular survivors who integrate with your base and allow it to evolve according to their skills. It is then necessary to gauge their capacities to put them on the good modules, but also to take care of their good health against the disease, the hunger, and even against the enemies.

The principle of Metal Gear Survive can be seen, in solo mode, as simple, but effective. However, even if I do not reveal all the cases that you will have to deal with, know that the whole repeats a little and certainly lacks diversity. Note, however, that most areas offer special game conditions: a kind of constant fog, called ash, requires you to wear an oxygen mask and monitor your endurance, which runs out much faster in case of effort. In addition to making the game hideous 90% of the time, this environment puts extra pressure on the player. A welcome difficulty at times, even if the orientation problems that this haze generates can be painful. That said, it is not impossible that much more disturbing things are hidden in this ambient darkness, the opportunity for the title to talk about the survival-horror genre from time to time.

If until then, we could see Metal Gear Survive as a good game of action / survival / management, we must still note some more or less major problems, all related to the desire of Konami to make his game a profitable product . I will not reproach this desire, but rather the method. First thing, playing in cooperation is very, advantageous compared to the solo. Not only can we recover resources without waiting for them to reappear, but moreover, during these missions, it's as if the time is stopped: your gauge of hunger / thirst does not come down! A kind of paradise in a parallel world that was nevertheless ruthless. Of course, Konami has every interest in seeing the players play cooperatively, but this big non-difficulty gap seems a little too pronounced.

Second thing, the online store is a little too noticeable. Indeed, built in a multi dynamic, the game imposes some amazing choice even solo, as the impossibility to pause. But it is rather the concept of mono-backup (it crashes each return to the base) which surprises us the most, especially when it is possible to unlock additional backups via the store! It must be said that changing the avatar also requires to go through this box, which may hurt more than one if from a solo point of view, it is less damaging (unless you miss his build in the skill tree). Nevertheless, what can be bought at the store can potentially be won with playing time, but it will take patience ...