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Before Overwatch the only FPS experience I really had was Halo 3 and Halo Reach. I'm decent at hitscan characters but this game can also be appealing to people who aren't. Every character has unique abilities and ultimates designed for a large variety of play styles.

DPS characters like Mei and Sombra are useful in non-traditional ways while still being able to do a good amount of damage. Mei freezes enemies and uses ice walls to divide enemy teams. Sombra hacks health packs so only her and her teammates can use them and hacks enemies so they can't use their abilities. They both also have unique mobility with Mei being able to reach unusual places with her walls and Sombra being able to turn invisible and run faster or teleport to specific locations she chooses. Mei's icicles and Sombra's rapid-fire gun are strong enough to be the reason why they're still in the DPS category.

If you don't want to hold up a shield but want to play a Tank then Dva and Zarya are fun choices. Dva flies around in her mech, for a short period, quickly taking out enemies with her missiles. Zarya bubbles herself or her teammates and if the enemy shoots the bubble it charges her weapon, making it stronger. Dva's ult flies her mech into enemies, after jumping out of it, and exploding it in a large radius instantly wiping whatever enemies get caught in it. Zarya's ult pulls all the enemies close in a high gravity area for a team wipe.

Zenyatta and Moira are my favorite Supports to play since they also do a lot of damage along with healing their teammates. Zenyatta can give a healing orb to a flanker before they sneak behind enemy lines while at the same time throwing a discord orb to an enemy to lower their defense. Moira can also heal and do damage at the same time with her energy orbs and beams plus teleport out of the way of danger, if necessary. Both of these characters are, IMO, the closest resemblance in the game to a magic-based hero, especially Moira's anime-influenced, abilities and ult. I like that both of these healers are strong enough to fight off any enemies that try to flank them so you don't feel helpless when playing them.

Blizzard is adding more to it's 26 playable characters plus new maps which will help improve the game as they continue to do so. The different game modes and maps, along with the custom mode and occasional event game modes add to the games high replay value. I love the extensive lore of both the characters and world of Overwatch. Another great way to see if you want to play this game is to check out the many streamers on Twitch or watch the esports tournaments of pros playing against each other.