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The necessary changes can also be found in the gameplay. An important change is that players can now climb over obstacles. This means that you can reach new areas by, for example, climbing on blocks and over fences. So you do not have to do more difficult and walk around walls where you can climb or step over emotionally. Another nice innovation is the addition of the killcam. If you are shot dead, you can watch the last ten to fifteen seconds from the perspective of the player who shot you. So you see how the person dealt with the fight and can identify the weaknesses in your own game. It is noticeable that shots in these killcam images often do not seem to touch, while they really were. BlueHole would do well to look at it for a while, because this gives a strange picture.

The update also brings new weapons and vehicles with it. New in the game for example is the Winchester 94, a rifle that can be loaded with eight individual bullets. The range of the Winchester is nice, but a disadvantage is that the weapon can not be extended with scopes, which are certainly needed for longer distances. The 'Win94' was therefore not a favorite weapon of ours. That is different for the new, well-worn shotgun. It can be loaded with two shots and is considered a hand weapon. That means you do not have to give up one of your two big weapons to have a shotgun with you. This is an important change. We were always a fan of loadouts with a shotgun for short distances, but in the past you had to choose to also bring along a mid-range or long-range weapon. Now you can take both and you have your well-worn shotgun in your pocket to fall back on.

The vehicles will not change the game in the same way, but the addition of a hippie van that is similar to the Volkswagen T2, and a typical American pickup truck fit well with the new map. More important is that BlueHole has improved the control of some vehicles, so you less often get rid of strange antics with your vehicle. The last new means of transport is a jet ski, which can be found on both folders after the release. We have not been able to try it ourselves, but at least you can use it with two men at a time.

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