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PUBG is what you get when amateur developers have a good idea for what could be a great game, with a small budget to start with. Now that they've made many millions (close to a billion on PC sales alone) all they see is money. They no longer care about player experience. Why spend money to make the game better when most of the people that would buy the game have already bought it?

Mistakes / poor decisions:

  • First mistake was the game engine that they built the game on. It wasn't designed for 100 players, so they had to reduce the server tickrate to ridiculously low rates. There are better engines that can handle 100 players, but I guess they went with the cheaper solution.

  • Client side hit detection. This is why you can still get shot after you get into cover. Players with high ping have a big advantage over players with low ping.

  • No region lock or ping lock. They talked about implementing this months ago, but now you're racist or "xenophobic" toward Chinese people if you want this feature. Setting a max ping or locking players to their region would reduce the poor experience of having client side hit detection.

  • Lootboxes. Everything about them. Some items like the school girl outfit sell for over $1k on the marketplace. Huge incentive for cheaters, since you get points for kills and wins to buy these loot boxes with. They also just came out with locked lootboxes, so you play to get your points to get the rewards, and then you have to pay $3 to open the box or sell the box for around 25 cents (current price on the marketplace).

  • Not really banning cheaters. Most cheaters sell all the items they get from their lootboxes, Bluehole gets a cut of every sale. Then they ban the cheater but allow them to just buy the game again to keep playing/cheating/selling, and the cycle continues. Bluehole makes money every step of the way, so why would they change this? They make way more money from a cheater than they do from a regular player.

  • STEREO sound... what year is this??

  • Some "minor" issues with game design that could be easily fixed, like making bullets come from your gun instead of your chest, slowing the circles down a bit, etc. But compared to the above points, these are pretty minor.
What would make this game better?

  • Engine that can handle 100 players with a decent tickrate.

  • Server side hit detection (only works well with a good server tickrate).

  • Actually ban cheaters (IP, MAC address, etc.). I know there are ways around it, but it's not as easy as just buying another copy of the game.

  • Sell rare items, like the schoolgirl uniform for example. Lots of people like being able to sell/trade things on the marketplace, so keep that if you must, but if Bluehole sold items themselves (even just the rare items), it would control the prices and make cheating less lucrative. If they sold the schoolgirl outfit for like $50, they would make millions. Win-win for everyone.
If they had their own store for selling cosmetic items, they would have a steady income stream from people that own the game, and they wouldn't care as much about the steady income from banning cheaters and having them buy the game again. It would also give them incentive to improve the game to keep people playing and buying stuff.

  • Bluehole can take these Desperado crates and shove them up their♥♥♥♥♥ I will never buy a key to open one, and I won't sell them on the marketplace so that they can make more money. Using points I earned to get a crate that I have to pay to open is not a reward, greedy♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Region / Ping lock. There are servers in every major region, why do people need to play on a server that's on the other side of the world? If the game had server side hit detection, having a higher ping would be a disadvantage so it wouldn't be as big of an issue.

  • Surround sound. Good positional audio is important in any FPS.
If they made these changes, I would recommend this game... but we're more likely to see a better studio make a better game before any of this happens.

Why is it so popular then?

It's exciting, really gets the adrenaline pumping. You start with nothing and there's no respawn, so everything you do matters, and every decision you make can win or lose the round for you - where to drop, what to loot, how long to spend looting, where to go, when to go there, when to fight, when to flee, etc. Randomness of loot and circles makes those decisions and each round a little different. Option to go solo, duo, or squads, each mode changing the way you play the game.

All of this makes for a fun and addicting game.. until you die to a cheater, or someone with high ping killing you after you get into cover (or they came around the corner and saw you before you could see them), or not being able to hit the guy outside your building because your bullets are coming out of your chest and hitting the window-sill, etc.

The most frustrating thing about all that, is that Bluehole is not doing enough to fix it. The only punishment for cheaters is having to buy another copy of the game, how greedy can you get? They don't want to region/ping lock because they don't want to offend the Chinese, and they make a lot of money from them, especially since a large majority of the cheaters are from China. That's not racism, that's fact.

There are several Chinese players in every round on NA servers, many of them are cheaters, some of them are just there to get away from the asian servers that are full of cheaters, but they still have an advantage due to their high ping. 0.05% of them are there to play with their friends in NA, and that's the main reason Bluehole said they don't want to region/ping lock. In squads and duo's where communication is very important, it really sucks to get teamed up with someone that can only speak enough english to say "China numba wun".

Greed and incompetence ruined what could have been an awesome game. This just seems to be a very short-sighted money grab, when it could easily be a long term revenue stream.