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9 years ago, back in January 2007, the first expansion for World of Warcraft was released. This expansion was called The Burning Crusade, and for the first time, players had to fight the great army of demons known as The Burning Legion. The expansion took place on the broken planet of Outland, and the story ended with a trip into The Black Temple and a memorable battle against Illidan the Betrayer himself. On August 30 2016, the newest expansion for WoW was released, and once again players had to fight against The Burning Legion, but this time with help from Illidan the Betrayer's loyal army of Demon Hunters.

When it comes to everyday grind and gameplay, there is not much new under the sun. However, this expansion saw the addition of World Quests, which have become an integral part of day-to-day gameplay for all players. World Quests are, as the name implies, personal quests that take place in the new game zones. These quests bring rewards to all types of players and playstyles, and it is possible to do them together with other players in groups of all sizes. One of the great elements of this new game system is that the areas, monsters, dungeons and rewards scale according to the level you are, just as it was the case with invasions back in the previous expansion. This means that whatever area you move around in, everything is in the same level as yourself, and even if you are in a group with someone who has a higher or lower level, you can play together as they see everything at their own level. The same goes for dungeons, which means that you can always play with friends, which is a nice change as we all have experienced that friends are a bit faster than others.

On top of this, most of the game systems from previous iterations of the game remain intact and engaging. Raids, dungeons and quests are as always polished, and this time around, there has been a frequent release of new content, which keeps the game fresh for months at a time. Blizzard has also managed to maintain an overall storyline that connects to previous expansions, as well as keep players engaging with all types of content.

Legion gets my warmest recommendations and is one of the best expansions released for World of Warcraft thus far. It is certainly an expansion that any World of Warcraft player should experience. The only downside of this release is that everything is locked behind long questlines, but otherwise I do not think there is anything negative to address.

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