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The alpha has ended!

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Join the Cloud Gaming experience

Do as many other gamers around the world and quit relying on keeping your own hardware up to date. With Snoost, you will never again have to worry about running the newest games on high graphics, as all the games will be streamed directly from the closest datacenter to you.

  • Extreme performance
  • High graphics
  • Cost efficient gaming
  • Cancel anytime

Play on any computer

Play your favourite games on high graphics and on any computer, even a MacBook Air or a small Windows 8.1 tablet with almost no processing power.

The beauty of cloud gaming is that it only requires a good internet connection, and won't even stress your computer in any significant way, enabling you to seamlessly switch between playing your game on Snoost and other tasks on your PC simultaneously.

All you need is internet

Forget about how good your computer is, and if you have a processor and graphics card that can run your dream video game, as you can safely rely on a high performance cloud rig to run any modern PC game at high graphics for you... as long as your internet connection is solid, you game experience will be too.

You own the game

There are no restrictions to which games you can install on your cloud gaming server, as you can install any game you own yourself no matter if it's bought via Steam or somewhere else. As you can add almost any game as a Non-Steam game to your Steam library, you can also play almost any game through the Steam In-Home Streaming.

Works on any Mac, PC or Linux machine that supports hardware decoding.