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#0 July 12th, 12:48

Latency Problems

I am living in Turkey and I try to connect Snoost but It always say "It seems your latency is currently too high for a reliable connection. You may try again in a minute"

Why there is a ms limit? and whats the limit?

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#1 July 19th, 11:24
@eqsss That is a really good question. Before settling on a limit, we asked our testers to provide some feedback on the issue, and there was support that it wouldn't make much sense to launch a cloud gaming server if one's latency was too high, as it would worsen the user experience.

However, are you suggesting that we remove (or raise) the limit? We would love to consider any such proposal and to see if there is support for it. If so, it could definitely be implemented in a future update.

#2 July 21st, 08:10
I am getting the same thing. Didnt even get a chance to connect during the trial.

#3 July 23rd, 14:56
Please remove 3 days i try i can not connect

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#4 July 23rd, 14:56
Please remove 3 days i try i can not connect

#5 July 23rd, 23:18
I would say raise it not remove, but deny high pings to certain locations as it will give latency issues. This will also force them to use a data center much closer to them in relation to their location. Kept reading that users are connecting to locations much farther from where they are.

Showing 1-5 of 5 comments