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#0 August 16th, 22:47

3rd day of trial stuck on Loading Games for hours

Been stuck on loading 12517 out of 12520... no idea what its loading but I'm glad this happened on my 3rd day of the trial rather than after paying for this. I'll try again much later but I dont think I'll be supporting this service with my wallet with an issue like this on top of start of times generally taking an hour anyway.

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#1 August 17th, 09:46
Doesnt matter what computer I use to sign in im just getting stuck at the same exact loading games spot 12517 every single time. On top of that every time I sign it it just goes straight to start loading from 10000 I have no idea what to even attempt to do at this point

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#2 August 18th, 09:32
I'm literally stuck in limbo with this thing right now its like it never shuts my rig off no matter how long im offline i just log in and immediately go straight to loading games from 10k to get stuck at the 12517 mark. I had to cancel biling before it charged me for a service I cant even use or get any support for. The entire third day of my trial has been wasted on top of the long wait times just to connect on the first two and I've gotten absolutely no support.

Showing 1-2 of 2 comments