Terms of Use

These terms apply to the use of Snoost, which is a service that allows you to rent hardward at a remote location, which runs and - through third party software - streams video games you own directly to your own device running a modern version of either Windows, MacOS or Linux.

The Snoost service is provided by Snoost IVS, a Danish entrepreneurial company. The term "service", in any representation in this document, means the use of any functionality, content or other interaction on a digital product owned by Snoost, such as the website www.snoost.com, the native desktop client and the App at app.snoost.com.

The term "server" or "rig" means the cloud server which the user is currently using and has access to through app.snoost.com, and to which the user's own computer connects to through the native desktop client.

  • 1. Membership. By starting your membership you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. You agree that your membership will begin right away, and that you will not be able to withdraw from the contract and receive a refund. You can still cancel at any time. Snoost automatically charges the selected plan's membership fee (€12.95, €25.9 or €38.85) to your payment method at the beginning of each membership cycle until you cancel. In order to start your membership you must add a valid payment method to your account. Likewise, you must cancel your membership first (see "cancellation" below) in order to remove the payment method from your account, as a valid payment method is required in order to keep the membership active.
  • 2. Free trials/periods. Users may receive free periods of usage, in which they can use Snoost entirely for free and without charge. Free periods usually require an active membership to be applied, with a few exceptions such as the 3 day trial given when your account is created.
    • 2.1. Should a user add a payment method before any applied free periods expire, the first charge will not occur until said periods have expired.
    • 2.2. All users are given a 3 day trial, which is started upon signing up as a user on Snoost.
    • 2.3. You may earn free periods through the achievement system (see achievements below),
  • 3. Billing. The first billing period begins on the day your trial expires, and you will be billed on a monthly basis until your membership is terminated, or your payment method is no longer valid.
    • 3.1. Price changes. Although on rare occasions, we may change the price of our service from time to time in a given country. However, any price related change will be informed to all affected users and will not be effectuated any earlier than 30 days after the notice has been given.
    • 3.2. Cancellation. To cancel your membership go to account and then open the billing modal. In here you have the option to cancel your membership, which - when clicked - will immediately suspend any future billing cycles, and no further charges will occur on your default payment method, as your membership will no longer be renewed. You will still be be able to use our service, until the end of the current membership period.
    • 3.3. Location. By adding a payment method on your Snoost account, you agree to pay the subscription price which applies to the country you were located in when you signed up, and that prices may differ from country to country.
  • 4. Service. The Snoost service enables users to access cloud gaming servers, on which a wide variety of games and other software can be installed, and then streamed through Steam's In-Home Streaming to your own Windows, Linux or MacOS computer. The Snoost cloud servers, on which you install and stream your video games, are running an updated version of either Windows Server 2012 or 2016 and you agree to always ensure that the software you install is fully compatible with Windows Server 2012 and 2016.
    • 4.1. Using Snoost's services require you to be at least 18 years of age (or the age of majority in your jurisdiction), or to only use Snoost under supervision of an adult. If any financial transactions, subscriptions or purchases made with a valid payment method (such as a credit card, Apple Pay, Paypal etc.) are involved, you must be at least 18 years old (or the age of majority in your jurisdiction).
    • 4.2. Continuing service. As Snoost relies on technologies from third parties, such as OpenVPN and the way Steam In-Home streaming works, we cannot guarantee that Snoost services will continue to operate should one of these third parties change or update any technical behaviour. You are subject to the licenses of any third party software used on your cloud rig, and agree to automatically receive updates to such software.
    • 4.3. Automatic updates. Due to the nature and importance of keeping Snoost components compatible with third-party systems, all cloud gaming rigs will automatically be updated to the most recent version of the Snoost platform.
    • 4.4. Inactivity. At any given time when a user's cloud gaming server has been inactive for 30 minutes or more, the server may be shutdown or terminated. However, Snoost will always attempt to backup any save games, server states and files, which may be stored on the Z:/ drive.
    • 4.5. Data persistence. No data is kept from one session to another, except for data installed and stored on the cloud server's Z:/ drive. Snoost is not responsible for any data loss and thus highly recommend that Snoost is not used to store or transfer any sensitive or important data.
    • 4.6. Installed material. Snoost can not be held accountable for data, material or content that you install or download on your cloud rig, and you agree to take full responsibility of these as well as ensure that you have the proper rights to it use and install said data, material or content.
    • 4.7. Personal & non-commercial. Any functionality, content or service is strictly for personal or non-commercial use.
    • 4.8. Distribution. You agree to not achieve, store, distribute, reproduce, modify, resell, publish or use (except as explicitly specified in these Terms of Use) any content, information, features or other material which is contained on or obtained through the use of the Snoost services. You also agree not to circumvent, alter or degrade any restrictions to content or functionality, and to not use any techniques to scrape or crawl content on snoost.com or by other automated means acquire information or functionality that is available on any digital property owned by Snoost.
    • 4.9. Quality and connection. The quality and performance may vary from device to device, and cloud server to cloud server, as as the quality depends on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to); location, latency, traffic, your hardware's ability to decode the video stream, router setup, your internet connection etc. We generally recommend an internet connection stronger than 25 MB/s in order to achieve a great and smooth performance, but (due to the other factors) it may not always be enough, if your hardware, router or location adds disturbance or additional latency through the OpenVPN the connection utilised by Snoost. We do not guarantee that any digital items, content or material installed on your cloud server can run smoothly and do not vouch for the performance of video games, streaming quality, latency or other quicks you may experience during the use of Snoost.
    • 4.10. Operations and uptime. Snoost reserves the right to turn off your cloud gaming rig at any time, for a variety of reasons including (but not limited to); if we suspect either malfunctioning hardware or software, the region is becoming unstable, capacity is low, bandwidth issues, any suspicion of abuse our service or illegal activity. Likewise there is no uptime guarantees and we do hold any responsibility for saving your data, games or other digital files you may have installed on your cloud rig, nor any frustration caused if your server should sudden turn off due to reasons described above.
    • 4.11. Server hardware. We do not necessarily own the hardware used to run your cloud gaming server, as we utilise the physical hardware of our cloud infrastructure provider(s) and rely on their ability to provide the hardware and prices we require to operate Snoost and stream the content to your computer. Therefore the hardware that runs your video games may change if we; get better deals on different hardware, move to a different cloud service provider, need to upgrade the servers to accommodate new standards or for other reasons deem to advantageous for our infrastructure or our users to switch the hardware we use to run the cloud rig.
  • 5. Account. Only the person who has filled out the registration form during signup, and to whom the e-mail address registered belongs, is considered the owner of your Snoost account. While Snoost has several security measures in place, it is your sole responsibility to keep your account secure and to not share your password or other login information with any third party. Snoost can only help with account recovery in instances where you are able to provide complete and valid proof of identity and that both email, account and registered payment method belongs to you.
  • 6. Violations. Any violation of the terms described in this document may lead to a complete suspension of access to your Snoost account without notice.
    • 6.1. You are at all times solely responsible for your actions according to governing law, and may under no circumstances use any of our service's functionality or content in a way that violates law or rules that apply in your country.
    • 6.2. No content or material, to which you don't have the rights to use or share, may be used or shared using any of Snoost's cloud servers, functionality or digital platforms. Doing so will result in an immediate ban of our services without notice.
    • 6.3. Should any violation of this contract occur, the user account and your membership - as well as any active subscriptions or service access - will be suspended immediately, and all purchases or orders which have not yet been fulfilled, as well as started membership periods, will be rendered non-refundable from the date the violation occurs.
  • 7. Sales & purchases.
    • 7.1. Snoost may occasionally offer sales on video games or other digital items, either through listings on snoost.com or through the achievement earning system.
    • 7.2. Any sale or purchase made through Snoost will utilise your default payment method registered to your account, and automatically charge your payment method at the time of purchase.
    • 7.3. Snoost is not responsible for any content offered as part of a digital item you purchase through our platform.
    • 7.4. Refunds for items purchased through Snoost are handled upon request by contacting our customer service, but require that the title has not been played more than a maximum of one hour after purchase.
    • 7.5. If no money based transaction has occurred during a purchase of a digital item, or if the item was rewarded to you for free (e.g. for earning an achievement), this particular item is not eligible for a refund.
  • 8. Miscellaneous.
    • 8.1. Users may earn achievements which each reward that particular user with either free periods, video games or other digital items of a specified value. It is not possible to get items or rewards - earned through an achievement - refunded in any way.
    • 8.2. Snoost is not obligated to handle support request related to third party software, such as Steam In-Home Streaming, and recommend seeking support directly from those third parties, should an issue arise that is directly related to that area.
    • 8.3. Changes to Terms of Use. Snoost may occasionally make changes to the Terms of Use (this document), but will notify you by email at least 30 days before the changes apply to your account or membership, in cases where the changes are deemed significant or may have an immediate impact on your account or the way you use Snoost's cloud gaming service.
    • 8.4. Means of communications. All notifications, service messages, account changes, invoices etc. will be sent solely via e-mail to the e-mail address you provided during registration.

Last updated: 1st of September 2017